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#MoneyGoals: Design A Wealthier Life

#MoneyGoals is a 3-Day Workshop Series that sets you up with a clear destination and functional action-steps to finally see REAL progress in your financial life for the next 90 days and beyond!

If you don’t know where to start with your finances or you feel like nothing you do is getting you anywhere fast enough, sign up now and have something to show for all the effort you're making to earn money!

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The Weird & Wealthy DIY Money Program

This personal finance program is unlike any other out there! The Weird & Wealthy DIY Money Program teaches you how to organize and manage your money wisely by using your own finances to help understand the concepts.

You will finish this material with a fully customized financial plan that you will design all on your own! By using your own finances as a guide, understanding these mindful money strategies will make total sense. 


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Mindful Money Makeover

Getting the right financial education is the first step towards becoming financially free and this "makeover" will provide you with lots of tips and tools to jumpstart a healthy relationship with your money! 

In 7 fun-sized steps, the Mindful Money Makeover program will help you tidy up your finances and reframe your money mindset in one week or less.

You'll finish this program knowing:

  • What you really think about your money (Where did you receive your financial education? Probably not your best bet if it's from your broke uncle...)
  • Where you stand financially right NOW (Knowing where your money's coming from and where it's going isn't as scary as it sounds!)
  • How to systemize everything magically (This isn't like cleaning out your closet only to blow it up in a month. This makeover will LAST.)

The Mindful Money Makeover is a simple, easy-to-follow program to help you get a clear view of your finances.

After you finish the 7 fun-sized steps, you'll have WAY more cash to reach BIG savings goals and start your journey to becoming financially FREE.

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Money Mindset Lab

In this program, you'll find four modules that will help you shift your money mindset so that you can take more intentional and value-based actions in your financial life.

Each module contains an audio recording and a "lab assignment" for you to download so that you can get real-life experience practicing money mindfulness.

There is also another section of downloadable meditations for you to take with you on the go (eg. while you reconcile your expenses, walk through the aisles of Target, watch advertisements on TV, etc.).


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Debt Detox

No need for expensive consolidation here! You will finish this program with your own customized and easy-to-implement debt repayment plan. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Whether you should put money into savings to avoid future debt or to focus on paying off your current debt sooner
  • Why debt consolidation doesn’t work and how you can DIY your own healthier and wealthier plan to get out of debt faster
  • How to actually stick to your payment plan (no need to pay extra fees for a debt management company to hold you accountable!)
  • How to understand the terms and nitty-gritty details about your debt so you know your rights and your best strategies
  • How to negotiate a lower interest rate (it’s surprisingly easy to do and saves us SO much money!)
  • How to optimize and protect your credit so that you can minimize your interest and fees if you need to rely on credit in the future (no shame in this game!)

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The Alt Budget System

The Alt-Budget training is an alternative approach to budgeting that sets boundaries on our spending so we can easily stick to our goals and values but in a way that is flexible and FUN. You will learn the CRITICAL elements of budgeting without all that boring financial jargon (we’ll get into what budgeting REALLY should be), how to design a brilliant spending plan on your own that’s 100% customized for you and your exceptional life goals, how to categorize your expenses so that you remain both focused and flexible, and how to “stick” to this plan in a natural and effortless way because this doesn't have to be hard!

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The Alt Budget System for Entrepreneurs

In this program, we'll be covering, the best practices to manage your business and personal cash-flow and escape the feast and famine cycle once and for all, how to manage your money so that you don't have to be your own full-time CFO, setting goals that are profit-driven rather than revenue-driven. You will finish this training feeling like a top-notch CFO without all the responsibility and stress!

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Moon & Money

You're doing this work because you're taking responsibility for your financial life, but there's only so much you can control. All the rest, you gotta delegate to whatever godly entities exist beyond you. I'm sharing the wealthy witchcraft that connects me to a higher power and seals the deal for all my money efforts. You'll learn about herbs, aromas, crystals, and moon cycle rituals. 

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Windfall Workflow

One of the biggest earning and savings blocks I see is the fear that one won't know what to do with the money they work so hard to earn and save. In this mini-course, I'll be walking you through what to do with that savings step-by-step so you can feel fully prepared to let that wealth come into your life and stay awhile. 

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Financial Coaching

Interested in some customized financial strategy and mentorship? You're in the right place!

My signature coaching program options:

  • #AMA Strategy Hour
  • Half-Day Financial Intensive
  • Long-Term Coaching & Support

Custom packages may also be available and can be tailored to suit your needs on our consultation call. 

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