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#MoneyGoals Training

In this training, you will learn where you need to shift your focus to finally make real progress on your goals, how to stop trying to “stick to a budget” and what you need to be “sticking to” instead, and a trick to ease financial pressure no matter how much money you have.

All of this will set you up to reach your own unique goals and create a financial lifestyle that supports them all.

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Mindful Money Makeover

The Mindful Money Makeover is like a green-juice cleanse... but for your wallet!

Just like our bodies, it's pretty easy to fill our bank accounts with all sorts of junk food, but if you want your money to nourish you, you have to clear out all those toxins!

In 7 fun-sized steps, the Mindful Money Makeover program will help you tidy up your finances and reframe your money mindset in one week or less.

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Budgets & Big Things

This personal finance program is unlike any other out there! Budgets & Big Things teaches you how to organize and manage your money wisely by using your own finances to help understand the concepts.

You will finish this material with a fully customized financial plan that you will design all on your own! By using your own finances as a guide, understanding these mindful money strategies will make total sense. 

How empowering does that sound?!


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Money Mindset Lab

In this program, you'll find four lessons that will help you shift your money mindset so that you can take more intentional and value-based actions in your financial life.

Each module contains an audio recording and a "lab assignment" for you to download so that you can get real-life experience practicing money mindfulness.

There is also another section of downloadable meditations for you to take with you on the go (eg. while you reconcile your expenses, walk through the aisles of Target, watch advertisements on TV, etc.).


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Debt Demolition

No need for expensive consolidation here! You will finish this program with your own customized and easy-to-implement debt repayment plan. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Whether you should put money into savings to avoid future debt or to focus on paying off your current debt sooner
  • Why debt consolidation doesn’t work and how you can DIY your own healthier and wealthier plan to get out of debt faster
  • How to actually stick to your payment plan (no need to pay extra fees for a debt management company to hold you accountable!)
  • How to understand the terms and nitty-gritty details about your debt so you know your rights and your best strategies
  • How to negotiate a lower interest rate (it’s surprisingly easy to do and saves us SO much money!)
  • How to optimize and protect your credit so that you can minimize your interest and fees if you need to rely on credit in the future (no shame in this game!)

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The Alt Budget System

Welcome to the Alt-Budget: A Quick Alternative Money System For Creatives.

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The Alt Budget System for Entrepreneurs

If you thought your revenue would cover your ideal life but still feel like you'll never make enough consistently as an entrepreneur, let's try something new!

Transitioning from a potentially fixed-income day job to a business with fluctuating income and expenses can take a while to get used to. 

Let's speed up the process and get you living comfortably and funding both your personal and business operations, shall we?

We all have the best intentions to manage our money as well as we make it but life gets in the way.

I will be leading you through an alternative approach to money management that focuses on setting boundaries as a way to easily stick to your goals and values in a way that is flexible and fun.

Because if you're not enjoying the money you work so hard to bring in, what's the point?

What's We'll Cover:

  • Best practices to manage your business and personal cash-flow and escape the feast and famine cycle once and for all!
  • How to manage your money so that you don't have to be your own full-time CFO.
  • Setting goals that are profit-driven rather than revenue-driven.

You will finish this training feeling like a top-notch CFO without all the responsibility and stress!

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Financial Coaching

Four months of intensive financial coaching that will leave you with the skills and confidence to be your own financial manager.


  • A customized Owner's Manual to your unique financial life with a spending plan, debt-repayment plan, savings plan, and strategic and mindful systems to implement it all with ease,
  • A total of EIGHT bi-weekly 60-minute coaching callsbecause accountability and support are essential assets to make sure your new habits stick (this is that Customer Service Hotline we all wish came with our finances),
  • My intensive Mindful Money material to rewrite your bad your bad money habits into happy, shiny habits,
    Unlimited email & Voxer access, so you're fully supported in between calls and we can troubleshoot roadblocks and celebrate wins, and
  • Lifetime access to my self-study Holistic Wealth School program catalog, so you graduate from this program a money expert like me and sustain your financial health on your own with confidence!

Custom packages are also available.

All Holistic Wealth School program purchases may be credited towards coaching packages. 

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