Mindful Money Makeover


Getting the right financial education is the first step towards becoming financially free and this "makeover" will provide you with lots of tips and tools to jumpstart a healthy relationship with your money! 

In 7 fun-sized steps, the Mindful Money Makeover program will help you tidy up your finances and reframe your money mindset in one week or less.

You'll finish this program knowing:

  • What you really think about your money (Where did you receive your financial education? Probably not your best bet if it's from your broke uncle...)
  • Where you stand financially right NOW (Knowing where your money's coming from and where it's going isn't as scary as it sounds!)
  • How to systemize everything magically (This isn't like cleaning out your closet only to blow it up in a month. This makeover will LAST.)

The Mindful Money Makeover is a simple, easy-to-follow program to help you get a clear view of your finances.

After you finish the 7 fun-sized steps, you'll have WAY more cash to reach BIG savings goals and start your journey to becoming financially FREE.

Mindful Money Makeover

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