Debt Detox


No need for expensive consolidation here! You will finish this program with your own customized and easy-to-implement debt repayment plan. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Whether you should put money into savings to avoid future debt or to focus on paying off your current debt sooner
  • Why debt consolidation doesn’t work and how you can DIY your own healthier and wealthier plan to get out of debt faster
  • How to actually stick to your payment plan (no need to pay extra fees for a debt management company to hold you accountable!)
  • How to understand the terms and nitty-gritty details about your debt so you know your rights and your best strategies
  • How to negotiate a lower interest rate (it’s surprisingly easy to do and saves us SO much money!)
  • How to optimize and protect your credit so that you can minimize your interest and fees if you need to rely on credit in the future (no shame in this game!)
Debt Detox

7 Lessons

Debt repayment programs designed by credit counseling agencies are really expensive and aren't worth their price. In this program, we'll walk you through designing your own debt repayment plan that's super simple, way cheaper, and will completely transform your approach to credit for long-term financial wellness.