The Alt Budget System


Budgeting doesn’t work for everyone. (Read: Budgeting doesn’t work for ANYONE!)

It’s true. So if you’ve been struggling to “stick to a budget” and are feeling like you’re failing yourself every month, quarter, year!

Let’s just try something new, okay?

The Alt-Budget training is an alternative approach (obvs) to budgeting that sets boundaries on our spending so we can easily stick to our goals and values but in a way that is flexible and FUN.

Because if you’re not enjoying your budget, you’re doing it wrong!

What You Will Learn

  • the CRITICAL elements of budgeting without all that boring financial jargon (we’ll get into what budgeting REALLY should be)
  • how to design a brilliant spending plan on your own that’s 100% customized for you and your exceptional life goals
  • how to categorize your expenses so that you remain both focused and flexible
  • how to “stick” to this plan in a natural and effortless way because this doesn't have to be hard!

You know you need to get your spending under control, but you still want to ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Besides, what’s the point in working so hard for that cash if you don’t, am I right?

This is the process I’ve been leading my clients through for a few years now… and they LOVE it!

If you’ve “failed” at budgeting before, this is definitely for YOU!

You’ll walk away from this training knowing how to creatively craft a budget that FEELS good (no Pinterest fails here) with systems in place to stick to it without feeling like you’re on a money diet.

Stop feeling like you’re on fun-lockdown while trying to frantically squirrel away your money every month and optimize the money you make and move closer to achieving the things you really want.

The Alt Budget System

1 Lessons

Lesson 1: Values Based Budgeting

1 Lessons

The most critical step to take in managing our finances is figuring out why we're doing this work. What do you value? What do you desire? What would make your life amazing?

This lesson will show you how to put your values front and center so that you can stick to the boundaries you want to set.

Lesson 2: Crafting Your Own Alt-Budget

1 Lessons

Here comes the budget! This is my favorite part and I know you'll love it, too. We're going to dive into my minimalistic numbers system and set a budget that you can actually "stick to."

Grab your abacus - we're doing math!

Lesson 3: Making Budgeting Even Easier

1 Lessons

Woohoo! You have a budget and it’s not like any other budget you’ve ever made before! In this lesson, I’m going to explain how to maintain your budget, track your spending, and stay motivated. We'll touch on my best mindset strategies as well.